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Born in Fairbanks, AK, "Yes, there are black people in Alaska", Lola knew from the age of 8, that she had a desire to act. She first fell in love with acting when she took a drama class in improv exercises. It was a revelation that she could be anyone or anything as long as she put her whole heart into it. The possibilities were endless.


That same year she enrolled in an adult acting class at University of Fairbanks, AK, where she was the only student under the age of 18.  Everyone in the class treated her as an equal. From that day forward, she was hooked. After High School Lola felt a duty to help others, so she took time off from acting to enlist in the Navy. She served as a Hospital Corpsman with a specialty as a Surgical Technologist. During this time she made  many of  profound memories and gained a greater appreciation for how precious life truly is.


Although, she would never take back her many experiences she gained during her time in the Navy, she was excited to begin the next chapter of her life, and as such after her enlistment she packed up her things and decided to move to Los Angeles. 


During her first year in LA she discovered the world of modeling. She had no idea that such a world existed and was an option for her. Now, she is an experienced plus size model in runway, fit and print,  with even an international runway show under her belt.  


Lola has credits in theater, film, and television. She is ready to take on new projects and continue working with amazing people in both the acting and modeling world. The sky is the limit.

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